Living Paycheck to Paycheck or Profit…Which Is Best?

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck working for wages and trading time for money, then you need to watch both of these videos.

The first is from Jim Rohn, who said, “Profits are better than wages. Once I understood that I got rich. Profits are better than wages.”

He also said, “Wages make you a living, which is fine. Profits make you a fortune, which is super fine.”

What’s cool is that you can start making profits part-time. You can work full-time on your job, while you work part-time on your fortune, because profits are really the only way to amass a fortune.

Now, if you’re out of work and can’t find a job…then you absolutely need to start making profits, and there are many ways to start doing this without investing a lot of money. A investment of “capital” is always required…if not money, then you’ll need to invest a lot of time and effort into your profit making venture.

Jim Rohn – Profits are better than wages

Listen to the following to learn why profits are better than wages!

Paycheck or Profit? Which is best? by Peter Wolfing


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